Rasel Chowdhury

Rasel  Chowdhury

Rasel Chowdhury, born in Bangladesh in 1988, is based in Dhaka. His work has been published in numerous media outlets, exhibited internationally and awarded the Ian Parry Scholarship, Getty Image Emergent Artist Award and the Magnum Expression Award. Chowdhury says 'I started photography without a conscious plan initially, eventually becoming addicted and deciding to document spaces in and around my birthplace, Bangladesh. I started documenting a dying river Buriganga, a lifeless city Sonargaon, an old people's home, a flood in Bangladesh, mega-city Dhaka and newly transformed spaces around the Bangladesh railway in order to explore the changing environment, unplanned urban structures and the new form of landscapes. At the same time, I started to develop my own visual expression as a documentary photographer to address my subjects with a distinctive look.'

Commission Proposal

'I spent most of my life around the river and have a close relationship with it. My role is to show how the Buriganga is rapidly changing from every possible angle. I started this project in 2010. After 4 years it's already changed a lot and through the Syngenta Photography Award I wish to make larger audiences aware of this environmental issue. Communicating this subject through my photography is very important to me.'